Discretion and Prudence

Discretion and Prudence

Proverbs 2:11
Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:

We must ask God for discretion and prudence which will help us make decisions in light of His Word.

The book of Proverbs is focused on producing wisdom in the hearts of every man, woman, youth and child. It constantly challenges us to think as God thinks and to live lives that glorify Him. Although it is true that a proverb is not a mandate, it is good for the believer to examine the advice given and apply it to his life.

Discretion and prudence help us in the process of living godly lives. In life, not every decision we must make will be a simple one. Sometimes the path to take is obvious. At other times we may make decisions through a counselor. But discretion enters our lives when even after counsel or prayer, the path seems to be dark.

Discretion is the ability to examine a path and avoid following one that leads to destruction. It is the result of a man who practices wisdom and knows how to walk in a way that will bring him closer to God. Prudence helps us take the right steps at the right time and in the right way. Discretion and prudence will use the intelligence that God has given us to keep us and preserve us.

Man can only discern if he is wise. To be wise, you must seek to know your God intimately. Draw close to God today and ask for discretion and prudence which will preserve your life and keep you focused on God’s will for you.


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