Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Growth GRoups | Sunday

All of our students meet at 9 AM for a time of fellowship, prayer, and a practical lesson from the Bible.

Guys, 7-12th grade are meeting with Pastor David on the 2nd floor of the auditorium in Teen Room 2.

Girls, 7-12th grade are meeting with Mrs. Bethany on the 2nd floor of the auditorium in Teen Room 1.

Bible Study

We believe that each student can literally be used by God to change the world! So at 5:00 PM on Sundays in the Choir Room, our students meet for a time of games and then have a in depth Bible study so they can learn how God can use them.

Monthly activities & fellowships

Throughout the month, students enjoy Sunday evening fellowships or a weekend activity. From camps and retreats to fun game nights or local activities — students are finding Biblical guidance, positive relationships, and spiritual maturity through the Student Ministry at Tucson Baptist Church.



After the evening Growth Group meeting, the students will ride the bus to Pastor Abel’s house for games, pizza, and candid conversations.

Recharge Youth Conference

ABOUT THE EVENT On Saturday, October 17, we will be attending the Recharge Youth Conference. The speaker is Pastor Dave Delaney of First Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA. He is a…

Student Ministry Calendar

We have exciting activities coming up and this calendar will have the most up to date information concerning events that the students will be doing. The buttons below will allow you to add the digital Student Ministry calendar to your personal devices or print a PDF version.

Parent Newsletter Sign-up

Staying informed with what is coming up in the lives of your students is extremely important as a parent. This Student Ministry newsletter will help you stay informed on what is coming up and also include some helpful tools as you guide your teenager through these years. 

Parent Meeting Recap

Parents can easily access resources from the past parent meetings and be able to catch up if they were not able to attend one of these important meetings.