Valuing Wisdom

Valuing Wisdom

Text: Proverbs 1:7 – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Thought: He who values ​​wisdom seeks daily to glorify God. 

In the second book of Chronicles, the Bible tells us the story of Solomon and how God came to the king offering to give him whatever he asked for. (2 Chron. 1:7) In Solomon, we find a unique example of the value of wisdom. Being able to ask for money, fame, or power, he chose to ask his God for wisdom.

It is no surprise that Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs (or the Book of Wisdom) to give his son practical advice. Who better than this king who had received heavenly enlightenment? God Himself granted him the wisdom necessary to rule over Israel and do so in a God-honoring way.

Wisdom is the ability to use intelligence and knowledge to produce a godly result. Many confuse wisdom with knowledge, but having knowledge does not always lead to doing good. The writer tells us in today’s verse that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord does not call us to be afraid, but instead, to be aware of the power of our God. Being aware of who God is and what He can do will lead us to have a greater desire to do right.

How can I become wise? The secret consists in knowing who God is and obeying Him for who He is. In this way, I begin to grow in my knowledge of God and this leads me to make decisions that glorify Him. When I begin to honor the Lord, He illuminates and leads me in making decisions that both please Him and benefit me. The Christian man who is wise is one who has learned to know God, to walk with Him, and to actively glorify Him in his life.

Are you trying to glorify God in your life? Those who value wisdom daily seek to glorify God, but those who are foolish despise obedience to God and the wisdom that only He can give. If you do not yet know God personally and have doubts about your future, a wise decision today would be to seek help in your spiritual needs. If you need help, I would love to guide you and you can reach me at


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