Reimagine Tomorrow as a Christian

Reimagine Tomorrow as a Christian

Reimagine Tomorrow as a Christian

Christians live in a world that is closed in on all sides by the overwhelming pressure of media. The content our kids consume shapes the worldview that they develop. (Examples: streaming services, social media, video games, and forums) Parents should have a goal of who their child develops into. (Hint: the Who is Jesus) Today, we need to reimagine what tomorrow is going to look like. Tomorrow, or the culture that your kids will grow up in, is going to be flagrantly different than it is right now. As culture changes, so do the methods that parents use in guiding their kids to be followers of Jesus.

“As culture changes, so do the methods that parents use in guiding their kids to be followers of Jesus.”


A recent study has been released that demonstrates the correlation between a person’s position on current events based on the news agency that presents them with information. People were given information by Fox and CNN and then swapped. Their positions were formed based on the information that they were presented with.

Media producers understand that information is the currency of today’s age. The Disney company has published a plan to introduce mature content into Disney+ and also use the service as a way to mold the opinions of their audience to align with their beliefs. As parents, we should be discerning of people trying to shape the minds of our children. (Ephesians 6:4)


As you seek to raise your children for Jesus, there are four ways in which you can determine how much influence or exposure the culture has on your children:

  1. Restrictions
    As parents, you should be the safety guide rails for your children as they learn how to navigate life. A parent would not entrust a weapon to their infant, and neither should a child be given unrestricted access to media. Restrictions allow parents to provide accountability and guidance in what their children are interacting with.
  2. Censoring
    When children begin to mature, parents can introduce media into their kid’s life that is censored of objectionable content. If parents do not censor content, then you are communicating to your children your approval of the content. Censoring content is a way for Christians to be in the culture but not let culture introduce sin into our minds. (Romans 12:2)
  3. Pause & Dialogue
    There will be times when your kids are exposed to content that goes directly against the Bible. These moments are crucial as parents for you to speak truth into your kids’ lives and declare WHY something is wrong. You need to be prepared to talk with your children about issues where culture collides directly against the Bible. If you do not dialogue with your kids on these issues, then they will look to other people as the authorities in these matters.
  4. Disregard
    If parents do not instruct their children, then culture will gladly do so. Christian parents should never be guilty of disregarding the importance of media in the development of their child’s worldview. Sadly, when media is not used intentionally, then children and parents are allowing ideas to be implanted in their minds.

As you seek to lead your children to follow Jesus, these tools might be a help to you:

  1. Content Restriction Settings
    All devices have some form of content restrictions. Whether a phone with limited access to download new apps or streaming boxes restricting certain content ratings. This is a basic feature but should not be overlooked when allowing your children to use digital devices.
  2. VidAngel
    If you have streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, this service might be a help to you in censoring content. The VidAngel software will remove content based on your filter settings and is helpful in allowing your family to enjoy entertainment without the objectionable content that often it is laced with.
  3. Plugged In
    Focus on the Family has a service called Plugged In that reviews movies, games, music, and books with the purpose of allowing parents to understand what their children would be exposed to. This resource is helpful as it spans a wide range of entertainment mediums.

Today, we stand at the beginning of a culture shift that will grow more antagonistic against our faith, and as parents, we need to take responsibility for the shaping of our children’s minds as we seek to teach them to follow Jesus.

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