Red Carpet Banquet – Dress Guidelines

Red Carpet Banquet – Dress Guidelines


  • All ladies must text Mrs. Bethany pictures of the front and back of their dress, while they are wearing it, by May 31st. Mrs. Bethany’s phone number is (520) 904-4251.
  • A formal gown is appropriate for this occasion.
  • Sleeveless dresses are allowed as long as there is at least a 2-inch-wide strap.
  • Dresses, including any slits, must come to the middle of the knee when standing.
  • No tight-fitting, see-through, or low-cut dresses in the front or back.
  • We will be going mini-golfing after dinner, so keep that in mind when decided what shoes to wear.
  • Let Mrs. Bethany know if you have any questions! We can’t wait for this special night with our youth group!


  • Nice dress pants, dress shirt, and tie are required for this event.
  • A Sportcoat or suit is recommended.


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