Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose

How do you make the right decision when there are difficult consequences either way? Daniel was a young man that lived in Israel roughly 2,600 years ago. Daniel was faced with this exact dilemma after being captured and deported from his homeland by a foreign government.

Daniel was just a teenager when he was put through the test of his faith, but we see in the first chapter of the book that he wrote, he gives us one key as to why he was able to make the right decision despite dire consequences.

Daniel was in the middle of a decision of whether or not he should obey his captors or obey his God. He could not do both, so he gives us the key in verse eight.

Daniel 1:8 says, “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself…”

The key is that Daniel purposed in his heart. This young man decided that he was going to live a life that was honoring to God, despite what his captors wanted him to do. He decided before he was ever put into a difficult decision of what his answer would be. This is the key to why Daniel was able to live his life for God.

What about you? Have you decided how you are going to live your life or do you let circumstances dictate how your life will be lived?

I am challenging you, just as Daniel did, decide now how your life will be lived!

That practically means to place your time into meaningful moments. Your time should be invested in what is important to you and into who you value.

Do you want to be a follower of Jesus but it feels like you do not have any time to spare?
Then decide now that you are going to give God time on Sunday and time each morning to spend reading the Bible and praying to God.

Do you want to leave a legacy to your family of faith but do not see your kids very often?
Decide now what memories you want to create with your kids and grandkids. Whether it’s saying what you’re thankful for to God before eating Thanksgiving dinner or reading the Christmas story before opening presents. These little moments are so important that you point them back to God.

Do you want your life to impact other people?
Make a decision about how you are going to serve other people by volunteering at your church. Spending your time on other people is never a waste but rather it is an investment in those lives.

If there is one idea that you can take away from this passage, it is that you have the power to decide whether your life will be invested or wasted. Take back control of your life and decide now how your life will be lived just like Daniel did.


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