Listen and Forsake Not

Listen and Forsake Not

Proverbs 1:8
My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

We need to learn to listen carefully to the advice of godly men and women.

Advice is a word of encouragement given by a trusted person who encourages us to do the right thing. The Bible encourages us to look for people in our lives that we can turn to, who will direct us to do the right thing when we need direction, and who will help us glorify the Lord with our actions.

While it is true that we need Biblical counsel, we must be careful with the people we choose to influence our lives. We should only consider people who have a godly walk with God.

Past generations valued the advice of a father, mother, pastor, or close leader, and many consistently approached these valued people for direction, both for important decisions and for daily, less impactful decisions.

Today’s verse invites us to consider the advice of one of the closest figures in the family sphere: parents. There are two action words that stand out in this verse that lead us in the right direction when it comes to advice from a godly figure.

a) Hear invites us to stop, pay attention and consider what is proposed. Listening and paying attention requires humility. It is not natural for the carnal man to desire to learn from someone who quite possibly knows more than himself. But listening to wise counsel is an essential part of success in the Christian life.

b) Forsaking is the voluntary decision not to listen. It is putting aside the pious advice of a wise person and doing what seems best to us.

If we want to be believers with lives that glorify the Lord, we need to learn to listen carefully to the voice of godly men and women. Examine your life today. Is there someone in your life who is godly to whom you should pay more attention? Seek the guidance and wise instruction of whoever desires to help you draw closer to the Lord.


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