Hope in a Cave: 1 Kings 19

Hope in a Cave: 1 Kings 19

We often relate finding hope with a miracle or a sign that God shows us, but more often than not, that is not the case. Hope comes in so many forms from people, to events, to defeats, all the way to victories. Here in 1 Kings 19, we see hope in a cave – not an ideal place. We see that the setting is this; Elijah had just slain the prophets of Baal and was on a spiritual high. In chapter 19 we see him fleeing out of fear from Jezebel the evil queen. While fleeing, he gets away from the city, finds a juniper tree, and cries out to God to kill him in that instance. Instead, an angel of the Lord asks him to continue his journey and walk on. He continues to walk until reaching a cave. He finds that the cave itself is not special, nor the great winds that God sends as part of a message He is trying to convey, but instead, it was the One inside the cave. Elijah looked for a great sign to meet with God, but it was in the cave far from the city, where one would usually not enter, that he found a God that was searching for Him the whole time.

The same can be said about our lives. Oftentimes, we go through very hard times and struggles that seem to never have an end. We often try to seek God but only to a certain extent, and when He seems too far or not there at all, we ask Him to end our misery. If Elijah would have quit, he never would have found the cave God was waiting for him to enter. If we quit on what God has for us in times of hardships, we may not die, but we sure will be missing out on what He has planned for us. We may miss the revealing of Himself in our lives through something or someplace that we least expect. Continue to seek God even when the circumstances around you tell you otherwise. Do not ever forget that the God that was with you in your victories is the same God that will bring you out of the trials in your life.


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