God Works the Night Shift

God Works the Night Shift

Ronald Mehl wrote a book called, God Works the Night Shift. The title of this book captures my interest and gives me great hope!

Have you ever been awakened from a deep sleep at 3:00 AM due to a troubling thought? It may be a reoccurring worry that is relentless and continues to steal your joy and contentment. I certainly have been there as I have navigated life here upon this earth for many years.

The book of Psalms has been a wonderful resource to remind me of God’s goodness and willingness to respond to my desperate need.

Psalm 121 is a tremendous passage for us to look for help. I am reminded that God knows me. He knows my name. Anything that concerns me, He is aware of! He makes a declaration in verse three, “He that keepeth thee shall not slumber.” God is not absent. God is not asleep or going to ignore our concerns.

In a way, God is telling me, “No need to worry, I’ve got this. There is no need for both of us to stay up. You go on and get your rest. I’ll take care of this.” Wow, what a precious promise. So take a deep breath and remember God works the night shift.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Wait on the LORD


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