Worldview Conference

1525 S. Columbus Blvd.

Worldview Conference

Discover answers to the most common questions in life. The Worldview conference is a time that is dedicated for you to find answers. We will have combined sessions, breakout sessions, and discussion times for further understanding.

Dr. Mike Lester is a follower of Jesus, husband, father, author, and president of Veritas Baptist College. He has spent over two decades helping college-age students follow Jesus in their daily lives and higher education. He is traveling here to Tucson specifically to help people find answers.

5:30 PM – Dinner
6:00 PM – Opening Service
6:40 PM – Split Session (Why Christianity & Standing for Truth)
7:10 PM – Split Session (What is a Woman? & Masculine but NOT Toxic)
7:40 PM – Intermission
8:15 PM – Closing Service



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