Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation Day is a day that has been set apart to show appreciation for our Pastor and can be traced all the way back to Paul’s New Testament letters. Paul mentions this idea in a number of different letters that he writes to the various churches. Paul says this in his first letter to Timothy,

“Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.” 1 Timothy 5:17. 

Paul highlights the fact that our Pastor should be given double honor for assuming this role in the church and doing it well. Typically with double honor, you can expect double stress, this is why we need to make an even greater effort to celebrate and encourage those in leadership.

That is why this time of year is most important. We should all appreciate or learn to appreciate our Pastor and encourage him as much as he encourages each of us. Think specifically about his needs and how you can personally encourage him and his family.

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