Growth Group Kickoff

1525 S Columbus Blvd

  • Tucson Baptist Church

  • February 6, 2022

  • 9:15 am

Growth Group Kickoff

On Sunday, February 6, join us as we have our Growth Group Kickoff. All of our Growth Groups will meet at 9:15 AM. Our Growth Groups are simply designed to develop authentic relationships around the Word of God. We have eight different Growth Groups specifically designed for you.

Journey of Faith – 60+ (Choir Room)

King’s Daughters – Ladies 40+ (Room 303)

Family Legacy – 40s-60s (FLC)

Men of Integrity – Men 30+ (Conference Room)

Family Forward – 20s-40s (Room 123)

Abiding Grace – Ladies 25-30s (Room 124)

ImPowered – Singles (Falcon’s Nest)

7th-12th Graders (Room 121)


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