Acknowledge the Lord

Acknowledge the Lord

Proverbs 3:6
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

The right path can only be made clear by acknowledging the Lord.

It is a common desire in the life of every young person and adult to know the path and direction of their life. Many spend valuable time discovering what they were created for, what path they should take, or trying to find out what God wants for their lives. Sadly others spend time trying to fix their lives after taking many uncertain steps because of not seeking this direction.

The reality is that the right, righteous, and good path can only be found by direct guidance from our God. The Lord blessed us by giving us His Word to know Him better and seek His direction.

Today’s verse gives us a command and a promise. The command is that we acknowledge God. Acknowledging is the idea of looking at something, paying attention to it on purpose, and then doing what we are told to do. Acknowledging is not simply admitting that something exists. Instead, it always leads us to perform an action.

If I acknowledge God, then my desire is to obey what He has told me. The direct result of obeying God is a straight path full of true reward.

The path into which the Lord introduces us is not always a pleasant one. Sometimes we think that as believers we are never going to suffer. That idea is false. The beauty of being Christians is that even in the trial we know that if we are recognizing the Lord we can rest in that He is the One who guides our steps.

Are you acknowledging the Lord? Are you looking for His continued direction? If you actively seek Him, your path will be straight and exactly the plan He has outlined for your life.


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