Today’s Verse

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

I Peter 2:9

Saturday, September 17

Jesus never built a white church! Men have built white churches. Jesus never built a black church! Men have built black churches. Jesus never built a wealthy, affluent church! Men have built churches for wealthy, affluent people. Jesus never built a poor church! Men built churches primarily for poor people. Jesus never built a “white collar” church. Men built them. Jesus never built a “blue collar” church! Men built them. 

The only kind of church I want to be a part of is a church that actively welcomes everyone! Tucson does not need another church where only certain types of people are made to feel welcome. I believe the very life of this congregation exists in our desire to reach any and everyone who will come to Christ in faith. 

If I went to my doctor and he prescribed medicine for middle-class, heterosexual, white males, I would not take it. A medicine is only good if it works on everyone! A church is only worthwhile if its doors are open to everyone. Ask yourself this question, “Who did Jesus die for that I can’t make welcome in this church?”

God touches the explosive church that is warmhearted to all people! I challenge you to engage with people that you do not know. Every member should minister. Let’s get out of our comfort zones. Not only engage with people but expand your relationships. Spend time with new people; get to know them… even if they are from one of the 27 different countries represented at TBC. We are all like Cornelius, the Gentile, or Peter, the Jew. I’m so thankful for their example to us.

Weekly Memory Verse

Now therefore are we all present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God.

Acts 10:33

"If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out."
- George Brett

Pastor Armstrong

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